York Furnace/ York offers reliable heat

York Furnace/ York offers reliable heat

There are numerous companies which are well-known for building superior furnaces, and York furnace is of the most highly sought-after furnace systems in the market. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to find an extremely efficient and affordable furnace from York to suit the needs of your home.

Having been in the market for more than 130 years, York certainly knows a thing or two about good reputation. Therefore, you will be guaranteed nothing short of quality innovation. Besides building energy efficient furnaces, York is also known for making quality air conditioners and heat pumps.

When Should You Consider Buying New York Furnace?

Majorities of people only realize that they are in need of a new furnace after their current heating systems fail to produce enough heat needed to keep the home warm during chill winter months. Ideally, the right time to start shopping for a new furnace is before the current one eventually fails. The following are signs that you need to invest in a brand-new York furnace:

-          You are spending too much on heating the home.

-          The furnace is constantly breaking down thus causing you to spend a lot in furnace repair.

-          The air in the home is constantly dry and dusty thus triggering allergies and other respiratory ailments.

While there are several options accessible to you when shopping for a new furnace, the following are some of the reasons why you need to contemplate investing in a York furnace:

-          There is a plethora of models to make your selection from that are not only quite affordable, but highly energy efficient.

-          The furnaces available for sale in the market differ in terms of size as well as BTU thereby ensuring that you pick a mode that suits your home.

-          Because York furnaces are extremely energy efficient, you will be able to save a lot of money when it comes to heating bills.

-          Unlike other furnaces in the market, York furnaces come with robust warranties that extend up to a period of 10 years. This is inclusive of parts and labor. Besides, the heat exchangers come with a lifetime warranty.

Different Types of York Furnaces

The following are the different types of York furnaces available in the market that you are likely to come across:

1.       Affinity Series: These types of gas furnaces built by York are well-known for being highly energy efficient. The take advantage of the latest know-how in the market thereby enabling you to relish optimum comfort at a reduced cost. CLIMATRACK and Comfort System are examples of technologies that this kind of York furnace takes advantage of.

2.       LX Series: These types of gas furnaces are also built to be highly energy efficient, thus enabling you to keep your heating utility bills low. They are available for sale in the market in tiny 33-inch cabinets thus making them suitable for smaller homes.

Check out Consumer Reports for more information on gas furnaces.

Reasons Why an Electric Furnace Might Be a Better Option

Reasons Why an Electric Furnace Might Be a Better Option

There is a lot of information surrounding gas furnaces, including their risks and cost effectiveness, but it’s not often that people discuss the positives of installing an electric furnace to take care of a home’s heating needs. The truth is, in some circumstances an electric furnace can provide exceptional residential heating, and incorporating an electric furnace into a heating and ventilation system may actually be a better option. The following are a few reasons why.

First, electric furnaces do not produce the dangerous gases that gas furnaces do. This effectively means that the risk of gas or oil leaks is minimized substantially (or wholly, depending on if other gas appliances are in the home). Without leaking gas or oil, the risk of a gas explosion is eliminated. The risk of fire is also minimized because there is no flame present in an electric unit.
Second, when it comes to the dryness of the air when running a furnace, an electric unit does not pull as much moisture from the air, and those who normally require humidifiers in the cold winter months may find that they are no longer necessary. Electric furnaces also run cleaner, so there is far less maintenance required. Often simple filter replacement and occasionally duct cleaning will suffice, offering a little financial relief by cutting back on the cost of professional servicing.
Third, purchasing and installing a new electric furnace through a qualified HVAC professional usually costs much less than a gas furnace. Not only does it take up less space than a gas unit, but an electric furnace has a longer life expectancy and as long as a home’s electrical system is acceptable for the unit size, very few changes will need to be made.
Lastly, there is the possibility of turning an electric furnace into a more green option in the future. Since solar power may be converted into electricity, turning an electric furnace into one that doesn’t require manufactured electricity is a very real possibility. For those that may ultimately want to live “off the grid,” this is also a fantastic point to consider.
Ultimately, installing an electric furnace will need to be accomplished by a professional HVAC contractor. It is only when installed by a professional that one can ensure that energy is used efficiently and that the unit is safe for use. A good HVAC contractor can explain all your options.

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